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Joyería de ámbar y larimar EN

In the traditional Dominican jewelry designs integrate semi -precious stones such as amber and larimar , which are embedded in precious metals like gold, silver and platinum and , rarely, bronze and copper.

There are three reasons why the amber of Dominican Republic is considered the most valuable of all displayed for the world : first, because it is 90 percent more transparent than that found in the Baltic and elsewhere , and second, because the opportunity offered to find an insect , frog or lizard embedded is 10 percent more likely than other types of amber , and third, by the color, and also yellow amber , which is the more common of the country , is also found in other colors , including bright red and extremely rare as gray, black and blue. It can be purchased as a collector's item or a variety of jewelry .

Todo sobre el Larimar EN

History , training and use of Larimar

The LarimarEl Larimar was discovered less than three decades ago, and his fame was instant , so was determined to be one of those rare gems , found only in one place in the world , this means that the Larimar not only is charming, but it is extremely different.

Larimar is a variety of pectolite , or a rock composed largely pectolite , acid silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium. Although pectolite found in many places , none has the unique blue color of Larimar . This blue color than other pectolitas is the result of the substitution of cobalt for calcium.


The only place where the Larimar, or blue Pectolite appears on the earth's crust , is the province of Barahona in the southwest region of the Dominican Republic . Larimar mine is located in the municipality of Los Chupaderos to about 10 km, in the mountains near the city of Barahona. It is now the place where the larimar is the most abundant .

The Larimar History

The November 22, 1916 , Miguel Fuertes Loren Sunday Barahona Parish requested permission from the Ministry of Dominican Republic to explore and develop a mine he had discovered and which contained a blue rock . Since nobody knew the priest was concerned, the order fell into the water and the discovery of the blue stone was delayed.

So it was only in 1974 , at the foot of the chain Bahoruco, in the coastal province of Barahona, a blue band in the sand attracted the attention of Miguel Mendez and Norman Rilling volunteer . They dug and rediscovered the larimar . The Indians, who thought that the stone came from the sea, called the " Blue Water" . Miguel Mendez gave the name of LARIMAR associating the name of his daughter Larissa , and MAR .

Turns out, the stones found were alluvial sediment, washed into the sea by the river Bahoruco.

An upward investigation indicated that the mine was the only Los Chupaderos larimar mine known in the world and was ranked in 1979 larimar as semiprecious stone.

The Larimar Formation

The island of Hispaniola began to form as a result of volcanic eruptions about 100 million years ago . A new mountain chain formed with Bahoruco in southwest of the island , starting with its eastern part . The formation of larimar is highlighted by basalts and andesites . Volcanic phenomena favored the association of chemical elements. Silicon - oxygen sodium and calcium elements: a rare association in nature is then formed.

Thus were formed in suitable proportions , but randomly small concretions compact masses . In geology are known under the name pectolitas : A secondary rock. Due to the high temperature at which the dough is subjected incandescent , crystallization of a mineralogical variety known under the name pectolite occurs .

Crystallization of this pectolite was made within volcanic vents where incandescent material was pushed by the gas. Therefore, the operation of the location dependent Larimar these chimneys . The extraction is becoming more deeply into the ancient volcano.

The Larimar Jewelry

The larimar jewelry are available in the Dominican Republic , and the Caribbean . Most produced larimar jewelry together with silver, but often higher quality stones bind to gold. The quality of the stone is evaluated according to color: the more the stone is deep blue , the stone is more beautiful . The high quality jewelry using stones between sky blue and deep blue , often linking these two shades .

Some green colorations are also known but not considered good , unless the green is intense.

The red coloring in Larimar indicate traces of iron . It should be noted that pectolitas are photosensitive , so the Larimar loses its blue color over the years.


the Larimar Propierties

In metaphysical circles is said to be colored gemstone can heal , like most of the crystals and gemstones.

However there is no scientific evidence in this regard .

Stone female extreme softness , brings calm and balance , and facilitate the delivery ...

Psychologically bring serenity and love in your environment, and stimulate creativity.

El Larimar, una exportación que no deja huellas EN

SANTO DOMINGO In March this year the seizure was announced at the Port of Haina Oriental 550 quintals of larimar , to be placed in a container bound for China. At that time , the president of Neighborhood Front Artisan Community Development ( Frebadeco ) , Julius Caesar would have reported that trucks with loading the mineral were followed by members of the Association of Artisans and reported to Customs authorities , who retained cargo belonged to a Chinese citizen known only as Sajil .


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